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Beyonce Posts Private Pictures on New Tumblr Page

Posted by Nakusan Thursday, April 26, 2012 0 komentar

Beyonce Posts Private Pictures on New Tumblr Page

Beyonce has a lot of 4s in her life. It seems like the number 4 is symbolic for her. She had a platinum album, titled "4", it is also the date of her birthday (4 September), her husband Jay-Z's birthday (4 December), her mother’s birthday as well (4 January). Plus, 4th April (04.04) is the day she married Jay-Z… This year is their 4th anniversary and that makes it kinda special. So maybe this is the occasion behind Beyonce’s new tumblr page .
She launched a Tumblr page and posted some personal pictures and videos on it. You can see images of her with Jay-Z, her sister Solange, her nephew Julez, you can also see different stages from her pregnancy as well as her on the beach, on vacations, on backstage of performances, etc. The Tumblr page has a reference to Beyonce's official website which was relaunched. Here's the introduction of the page: "I am. This is my life, today, over the years - through my eyes. My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you. This will continue to grow as I do. Love Beyonce."
Beyonce Tumblr Page

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